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Fitment feature: Ironman 4x4 Suspension Kit - Toyota Hilux

Spruce 'n' Boost

Fitment feature: Ironman 4x4
Suspension Kit - Hyundai Terracan

Rock'n'Roll is Dead

Overlander 4WD - 04/07 Overlander 4WD - 10/06
Aftermarket firm Ironman shows Overlander 4WD the ins and outs of upgrading a Hilux to make it even more Outback-ready. Overlander looks at Ironmans upgrade designed to give the thrifty Hyundai a more solid ride.
Ironman 4x4 Dominates in Russia Integrated Articulation
(Russian Language) 23-07-2009

Ironman 4x4 have developed and released an upgraded suspension solution for the popular Russian UAZ Hunter and Patriot.

For further information please contact:
Autoventuriv Russia
125080, Moscow,
Volokolamskoe shosse, 15/22,
ph +7 (499)158 67 48
ph/fax +7 (495) 783 98 73

Ironman 4X4 are very excited to announce the recent release of 4 and 6 inch competition lift kits into the Aussie off-road scene.
Fitment feature: Ironman 4x4 Suspension Kit - Jeep Cherokee KJ Fitment feature: Ironman 4X4
Suspension Kit - 100 Series Landcruiser
SA4x4 - 04/06 (South Africa) 4wd Toyota Owner Magazine 01/10 (USA)
SA4x4 sent Editorial Assistant Barry Clausen off to R&D Off-road to report on the fitment of a whole new Ironman Suspension System.

The newest project vehicle in our stable of 4WD Toyota`s is a 2001 Land Cruiser UZJ100.
We fit the Ironman 4x4 Suspension Kit to improve its performance.

Grand Opening: Ironman 4x4
Now available in USA
Suzuki gets a Grand Lift
Suzuki Grand Vitara Suspension
Camel 4x4 & Outdoor 19-02-2010
Camel 4x4 & Outdoor announce their grand opening in USA. The online retailer will specialize in parts and accessories for the 4x4 off-roader. Suzuki Grand Vitara owners can now raise the bar on their 4WDriving experiences both on and off road with a new 45mm lift kit manufactured by Ironman 4X4..

Awesome Prado Ride Control
Toyota Prado 150 Suspension

Keep Your Cool - 4X4 Australia review the Ironman "Ice Cube" fridge.
15-06-2010 4x4 Australia - No.322

Ironman 4x4 has launched a new 45mm lifted suspension package for Prado 150 drivers.
The Ironman Suspension Kit caters for all driving styles from every day on-road work to visiting stunning off-road destinations.

This is an impressively quiet and seemingly efficient fridge. Ironman's first foray into chilled boxes is a 45-litre fridge/freezer that works well. It's so quiet I repeatedly checked it was working over the first few days. Every time, it was on and showing the same 3°C internal temperature I'd set it to....

NEW Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Struts

Ironman 4x4 Premium Quality
Rooftop Tent
4x4 Action - Gear Guide 4wdmag.com - Tech

Ironman 4x4 have recently released
an updated range of foam-cell struts for
a wide range of 4WDs equipped with
independent suspension...

The Ironman 4x4 tent is manufactured from premiumquality, waterproof and breathable,
rip-stop material, and features YKK zipper
and fly-screen windows. A raised climate cover flysheet helps control interior temperature, as well as reduce
condensation. The lightweight, foldout,...
Ironman4x4 Bull Bars Ironman4x4 Suspension
Overlander #16 - Buyers Guide Overlander #18
There's no denying Ironman 4x4's significant presence in the off-road world. Between their contracts to produce gear for the American government and the countless happy 4WDers around the outback with their bullbars on the front of their 4WDs, the future certainly looks bright for Ironman 4x4.... Ironman 4x4 uses a continually growing fleet of over 30 test vehicles as a basis for development. The team hve the capability to test and develop a range of components that can be primarily aimed towards specific performance enhancements, making their products completely customisable...
Champion - Giving Power To
The People
4WD Action #186  
Ironman 4x4 is the sole
Australian distributor for the
Champion Power Equipment
2kVA Portable Inverter Generator.
The unit is powered by an 80cc
Champion single cylinder....
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