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  • Increased forced air to your engine for improved vehicle performance
  • Raised direct air intake allows for a clean air flow into your engine
  • Cool Air into the engine provides better performance
  • Increased air intake height allows for safe water crossings
  • Allows less dust into your engine
  • High quality polyethylene (LLPDE) and UV resistant
  • In built rain deflector design to stop water intake during heavy rain
Available for:
Toyota Hilux 2005 On - 4.0L Petrol V6 ISNORKEL001
Toyota Hilux 2005 On - 3.0L Diesel ISNORKEL002
Toyota Landcruiser 100 / 105 ISNORKEL003
Lexus LX 470 ISNORKEL003
Toyota Landcruiser 80 ISNORKEL004
Lexus LX 450 ISNORKEL004
Toyota Prado 90/95 - 3.4L Petrol V6 ISNORKEL005
Toyota Prado 120 - 4.0L Petrol V6 ISNORKEL006
Toyota Prado 120 - 3.0L Diesel ISNORKEL007
Toyota LC71/73/75/78/79 (Pre 2007) - 4.0L 3F Petrol / 2H Diesel ISNORKEL008
Toyota LC71/73/75/78/79 (Pre 2007) - 4.2L 1HZ Diesel ISNORKEL009
Toyota Landcruiser 200 ISNORKEL010
Nissan Patrol GQ - 4.2L Petrol / Diesel ISNORKEL011
Nissan Patrol GQ - 4.2L Diesel w/ Horizontal Pre-Cleaner ISNORKEL012
Nissan Patrol GU Series 4 - 4.8L Petrol   ISNORKEL013
Nissan Patrol GU Series 4 - 3.0L / 4.2L Diesel   ISNORKEL014
Nissan Patrol GU Series 2,3 - 3.0L / 4.2L Diesel   ISNORKEL015
Nissan Patrol GU Series 1 - 4.5L / 4.2L / 2.8L Diesel    ISNORKEL016
Nissan Patrol GU Series 2,3 - 4.8L Petrol   ISNORKEL016
Nissan Navara D40 Single Cab / King Cab (Thailand Build) - 2.5L Diesel ISNORKEL018
Nissan Navara D40 Dual Cab (Spain Build) - 2.5L Diesel ISNORKEL019
Nissan Pathfinder R51 - 2.5L Diesel ISNORKEL019
Mitsubishi Triton L200 ML 2006 On - 3.2L Diesel    ISNORKEL020
Ford Ranger 2007 On - 3.0L Diesel    ISNORKEL021
NOTE: All listings and dates refer to Australian delivered vehicles.
Nissan Patrol GU Series 1 = 11/1997 - 3/2000
Nissan Patrol GU Series 2 = 4/2000 - 12/2002
Nissan Patrol GU Series 3 = 1/2003 - 8/2004
Nissan Patrol GU Series 4 = 9/2004 On
Run Cool with Ironman Airforce Snorkels.
Ironman 4x4 AIRFORCE Snorkel is the essential accessory for the 4x4 enthusiast.
Whether you are crossing the desert or a river, you can feel assured that you have the protection of the Ironman Airforce Snorkel.
Rotationally moulded on precise aluminium dies, Ironman Airforce Snorkels and Hats have been designed for precise fitment every time.
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